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College Counseling

College Counseling Timeline

The college process can be an exciting, albeit stressful period. The College Counselors are here to support, and more importantly, empower students to take charge of this process as they explore the many opportunities available. Our years of experience, our ongoing relationships with college admissions professionals, and our involvement with various professional development organizations have allowed us to develop a knowledge base about the college process and to stay up to date with current issues and challenges as they relate to the state of college admissions.

The college counselors can be expected to:
  • Be accessible to students and parents to provide advice throughout the college application and decision process
  • Organize and publicize meetings, workshops, and other events to inform students and parents about the college application process
  • Notify students of college representatives visiting Berkeley Preparatory School
  • Help students develop an initial list of colleges based on academic criteria and expressed student interests
  • Counsel students regarding their final list of colleges
  • Assist students in preparing applications for submission including reading and discussing application essays
  • Submit, on time, a comprehensive packet of supporting documents as requested by seniors and required by colleges and universities, to include the transcript, teacher and counselor recommendations, the school profile, and first semester grades as required
  • Write a comprehensive, honest, and positive recommendation in support of each student. The recommendation will be compiled utilizing data collected from teachers, activity sponsors, coaches, parents, individual students, and by personal observation
  • Serve as an advocate for each student in the college admissions process
  • Submit scholarship materials as requested by students
  • Mail a final transcript to the college of student’s choice
  • Oversee standardized testing on campus

College Counseling Timeline

Grade 9

  • Coffee with parents of freshman
  • Coffee for parents of freshmen and sophomores
  • Optional meeting with a college counselor

Grade 10

  • Coffee with parents of sophomores
  • PSAT and practice ACT tests
  • Grade 10 College Evening
  • Scheduling meetings with academic/college counselor to schedule academic courses for junior year
  • Coffee for parents of freshmen and sophomores
  • Optional meeting with a college counselor
  • “Getting Started” workshop for rising juniors

Grade 11

  • Coffee for parents of juniors
  • Junior College Information Evening
  • Individual college meetings begin with juniors and their families
  • Tampa Bay Case Studies program
  • Scheduling meetings with academic/college counselor to schedule classes for senior year
  • Optional meeting with the college counselor to discuss list development and spring standardized testing results
  • Optional meeting with a college counselor
  • Optional workshops to demystify aspects of the college application to include:
    • Essay writing
    • Common Application
    • The University of Florida
    • University-based applications

Grade 12

  • College Kick Off
  • Senior College Night
Fall (September – December)
  • Individual college meetings with counselor
  • Review student applications and essays (as requested)
  • Mock interviews with college counselor (as requested)
  • Submission of initial transcripts and other school documents
  • Financial Aid Night
  • Coffee for parents of seniors
  • Submit mid-year transcripts to colleges/universities
  • Individual meetings as requested to review acceptances and discuss the final choice
  • Submit final transcripts!
Founded in 1960, Berkeley is an independent, Episcopal, college-preparatory day school located in Tampa, FL, for boys and girls in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12. Approximately 1,400 students gather here from the greater Tampa Bay area to form ONE Berkeley.